The Importance of Design

Before entering this class, I gave little thought about the design of anything.  Even after learning about the design, the true message I have learned from watching the Helvetica movie and all the graphic design speakers is that design can mean so many different things and the process for design can be done many different ways.  Graphic design can apply to architectural design, it can apply to type, to websites, to magazines and really anything.  And while a common theme among graphic designers of all kinds is completing multiple drafts of an idea, each designer has their own unique way of reaching that goal.

 It’s truly interesting to think about how graphic design can morph into something that it originally was not intended for. The metal detector example in the Paula Scher documentary was a good example of how graphic design can even create things which it does not traditionally create.  Traditional industrial design would not have led to such a creative metal detector or parking garage.